How to document processes for customers?

Well, I am building some scenarios for a customer. I thought about how to document these processes? Is there any good template? Do you use flow charts or something? Whats the best practice here?

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When it comes to documenting simple scenarios in Integromat, I usually follow these steps:

  1. Loom video: Creating a video using Loom is a handy way to document the process. I utilize the “Explain Flow” function to outline each module in the scenario. By explaining each step myself, I can ensure clarity and provide useful references for future scenarios.
  2. Blueprint export: I also make sure to export the blueprint of the scenario. This allows for a visual representation of the modules and their connections. It serves as a valuable reference point for understanding the overall structure and logic of the scenario.
  3. Module comments: Adding comments on the individual modules is another helpful practice. These comments can include notes about specific functionalities or important considerations for each module. They provide additional context and make it easier to understand the purpose and usage of each module within the scenario.

By following these steps, I can comprehensively document the scenarios in Integromat, ensuring clarity and enabling effective communication with both the customer and any future collaborators or team members.

I hope this helps


There’s bunch of way to document.

Either use note’s module :

Either explain in a more global way what group of routes do :

Either take a full screenshot of each module for configuration purpose, as @Rafael_Sanchez explain also do a full export of the blueprint for backup purpose.

At least explain in a more functional way what automation are triggered, but without documenting all the technical details (put just a weblink to the dedicated scenario).

By the way, you need to follow an understandable naming convention for your client to understand what each module does.

Hope that helps.


Great! thank you much. Do you have an example for naming?

Lot of rules, but only one applies : the one which makes you and your client as much comfortable as possible for reading what is the purpose of each make’s pieces :wink: