How to empty the value of a Data Store Number field?

I’m trying to clear the contents of a Number field in a Data Store (see screenshots)

I can overwrite it with some other value of my choice, however no matter what I try, I cannot empty the value. I tried tokens like emptystring, null, “”, … but the value does not go away.

Anyone know how to do this?


erase should do what you need


Thanks for your reply, but this does not work either, see attached

=> the value of “v” is not changed/cleared

However, I am also a bit confused about the difference between “Update a record” and “Add/replace a record” (see 3rd screenshot)

The second method actually clears all fields if I leave them all empty. So a solution could be that I leave the “v” field empty using this method, and fill in the other fields again (with the value that they already have)

A not 100% nice workaround, but should do the job