Nullify Date value in datastore

Goal: Nullify an existing date value present in a datastore field with type = date.

Description: In some cases, we need to DELETE rather than simply update a date value that’s been inserted into a date field in one or another datastore, however, I’ve been unable to find a way to do this using the “update a record” datastore module (I’ve tried setting the value for the date field to null, emptystring, erase, false - basically any logical value you might expect, together with some (like false) that I knew would not work, just to be sure). No matter what I try to do, the date value persists in the date field.

While it’s possible to update an existing date value to some other date value, it’s not possible - as far as I can tell - to nullify an existing date value so that the date field becomes effectively “blank” or undefined.

The only route I know that works is to delete the datastore record and recreate it without the offending date value.

Anyone know of a way to effectively nullify an existing date value in a datastore date field, or is this just not possible?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @null You could use the Add/Replace module and overwrite the record, leaving the date blank