How to generate a .txt without export it

I have to generate a txt file.
I populate it with date from airtable
this is an ebic file, its purpose is to trigger bank transfert from a bank.

What I did is to create it from Gdoc or Gsheet, and then export it as a txt file. The thing is the export spoil the txt, and the bank refuse it.
I am looking for a module to generate a raw txt file

do you know which is the best?
thank you

Hi. Use the module “Set variable” and create structure and data file from there. In the next step use the data from this module to make the upload to your bank.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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thank you, i will try it.
the structure should be pretty simple as there are only rows (no separator)

Hello, @thomas_Richard, can you share an image of the created scenario, in addition to indicating the structure of the file and where it will be located.

It works! a big thanks.
Just one need : How can I “download” the file to my airtable?

here are the details of the whole scenario.
My data comes from airtable
I have a first table which contains a list of invoice.
a second one is calles “ebics” : 1 line for a daily doc. it is linked to the invoices. this doc can trigger bank transferts
this is my document:

=> the first line is always the same
=> the lines from 2 to 9 are invoices. (it can be more than 8 lines)
=> The 3 last lines depends of the lines 2 to 9

here is my scenario :

1 - Trigger with webhook
2- I create a ebic line. this record has the content of the first line (default content on airtable)
3- I search for invoices that are not linked to an ebic
4- I linked them with the ebic I created
5- I use the agregator text to gather all the bundles from step 3 and get the line 2 to 9
6- I give Make a break for 15 sec, with the module sleep. during this time, airtable can calculate the values of the 3 last lines
7- I refresh the data of the ebic I created in step 2. (to get the data computed during step 6)
8- I set a variable with the first line, the result of step 5 (agregator) and the last three lines

9- I encode it to uft8 (maybe it is just an option…)
10 - I send it to my client bank.

I just miss the step where I can add a document to airtable. Airtable update module asks for an url. I only have the data of the text. It can get it from the gmail module
=> do you know a module that can generate a file?

Thank you!

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I found the solution with Goggle drive.
thank you all!