How to get Close CRM to search for specific leads?

In the make documentation the “Search Leads” module for Close CRM either allows you to search for a specific lead, with a query, or pull a list of leads. In the scenarios I’m trying to set up I don’t see the query option anywhere.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to reply and say that I’m having the same issue. A few weeks back the search query option was available, and I was able to basically search for existing leads by name. That functionality is no longer visible, have you messaged support?

I deleted my last comment because I just did more digging and saw that I had a search leads module in a live scenario that has the query available. But yesterday when I added a Search Leads module to a test scenario, the search query was not available.

I ran the one I currently have and it’s not working correctly. This is a screenshot I just took when I added the module again today. The search query is available.

UPDATE: The previous search query that was working for me previously was no longer working. I updated that search query and was able to get the module to work correctly. Yesterday all of my Close modules stopped working. I was unable to connect to the API. I reached out to Close support and was given this message: manages the Close integration they have setup. We were alerted to an issue with this integration that was causing issues with our customer’s data so we have blocked api requests from Make while they work to resolve the issue. As soon as this issue is fixed, we will let you know and we will unblock the requests.”

Shortly after I was sent this message, all Close modules started to work again. Could be related.