How to get Zoom Recording, transcript and audio files once the meeting ends?

Hi, I am trying to achieve this workflow:

Zoom to Google Drive Workflow:

  • Trigger: A webhook from Zoom signals a new recording is available.
  • Action: [] grabs the video, audio, and transcript files. And then there is a long set of automations built around it.

Now. the issue is I used Zoom Watch recording → set the webhook to “recording completed” but its not triggering. It runs ok when I select “recording started” but not works on recording.

Also please suggest how do I get the audio url, video url and transcript in text form etc?

Attaching screenshots for review:

Even though the cloud recording is available as shown in screenshot, the module for watch recording still keeps running and doesnot stops or tiggers.
Why? kindly guide.
Screenshot 2024-05-22 150927

It may be because it takes a while for Zoom to process and save the recording.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the connection webhook and setting up a recording.completed event listener again.

Also, a quick Google search shows that other Zoom developers are having issues with the recording.complete webhook event at the moment, and the fix has not yet been deployed:

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Thanks for the reply, I checked with zapier and its working fine. i think the issue is with zoom app module.

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