Monitor Zoom recording renamed webhook

I need to create a trigger when a zoom recording is renamed, how do i do this?

I have a working flow for watching when recordings are completed but I don’t think make has a built in way of monitoring this renamed webhook? How do I create it?

If the ZOom integration doesn’t have it, you probably will need to create a different way of triggering the event.

From what I understand of the webhooks (and I didn’t read very long), you can subscribe to the “recording.renamed” event in your Zoom account and when someone renames a recording, Zoom will call the URL that you give it.

So, in effect, you create a webhook in, copy that URL to the Zoom event registration section (see the Zoom API docs for that) and your scenario will be called when a recording is renamed.



Thanks I figured it out.

I had to create an app on zoom, validtae the webhook and then use a custom zoom api call to get the recordings.