How to insert a photo in the slidemaster of a Google Slide presentation?

Dear community,

I set up the following workflow:

The Google Slides endpoint is configured as follows:

The workflow runs successfully and the file is actually copied in the specified location. However, I do not see the image anywhere and am unsure how I could configure where the photo would be saved.

My desired use case it to upload the logo of a prospect and to insert it for a placeholder / image at a specified position. Ideally, the placeholder could be specified within the slide master (accessible via Google Slides > Edit Theme). How can I set up the mapping between the placeholder and the new logo?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @make_questions

The URL you are passing in from the ‘logo’ variable has to be publicly accessible, meaning you should be able to paste the URL directly into an incognito browser tab and the download starts automatically.

I hope this helps you.


Hi @Olly_Ats, thanks for your answer! This is a good hint! Still, I am unsure how I can specify which object should be replaced / where the photo should be positioned. How would this work?

Hi @make_questions , I am replicating your image to google slide update workflow. Could you please advise how do you find out about the tag of the field you want to update in Google Slide?

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