💡 How to manage multiple income streams with Make, QuickBooks, and WildApricot

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We heard from the community’s own @alex.newpath from NewPath Consulting last year on the subject of automating invoicing and payments.

Back then, he walked us through how using Make can liberate teams from so-called “spreadsheet hell”.

:moneybag: :bar_chart: Not long ago, we chatted again so we thought we’d ask him to share a little more about how to configure multiple streams of income from a membership management platform to end up in the right place on QuickBooks.

Who stands to benefit from Alex’s solutions? For starters, accountants, but also treasurers of organizations who might be volunteering their time and could use a helping hand.

:books: Read on for round 2 of how to automate QuickBooks and Wild Apricot using Make.

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Automating QuickBooks with WildApricot.

Why did the problem exist?

Getting QuickBooks working with WildApricot can be a very challenging and time-consuming process. Also, there are many ways to do this but the challenge is a lot deeper than appears. Lots of ways to configure multiple streams of income into differently configured QuickBooks systems. Also, it needs to happen on a regular basis without much intervention to really save time.

Quite often, there may be a few hundreds to a few thousand invoices and payments that need to be integrated on a regular basis. But this can scale to many more invoices/payments if necessary. Each invoice takes about 10 operations to move into the right place in QuickBooks Online

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

We have a set of scenarios that manage the invoices, and payments and also can be configured for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. A Make Data Store holds the configuration for a variety of things like the timing of the scenario to run, historical import options, how invoices for each WildApricot module (membership, events, donations, online store, etc) should go into which Chart of Account/product/class in QuickBooks.

one of the beauties that power the streamlined process

What did your solution achieve?

QuickBooks for WildApricot helped accountants automate a very manual process of moving invoices, customers and payments into QuickBooks. It saves time, and eliminates manual spreadsheet work which can introduce errors and confusion. Now you get an accurate financial snapshot at any time AND reduce your operational costs related to accounting.

alex sirota

Alex, the magician behind the automation

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