How to merge two same products and services in quickbook invoice through Make

Several tasks are coming to from clickup with different products and services, I want to merge tasks with same products and services keywords and then add as lines in quickbooks. I’m not finding a way to merage lines that have similar products and services.

See pictures I want to merge the products and services under colored rectangles.

Hi @ShahidSajjad
maybe consider to create tag for each type of task so you can group them by tags

didn’t get your point.
Actually we have multiple tasks with same “products and services” keywords so we want to put their data on invoice after merging and calculating the total amount.
Is there a funcitonality in to calculate the 2 array bundles if they have same values for 1 field? and put that on single line on quickbook?

if they have the same value you could group them by the value
but… in the photo on the original post
you group items without the same value


How and where we can group them, in the make scenerio?
I’m simply fetching tasks from clickup in the form of array and putting in on quickbook invoice lines, if there’s a way to group the lines with same value, please explain.