How to move a service connection without the need to adjust it in every single module?

I use a connection for, let’s say, 30 modules.
Now I need to set a new connection to this service, from another account, in order to use it instead of the previous one, which I’ll just get rid of.

Now my question is: how do I update that connection or replace it, without the need to change the setting in every single existing module?
Not to metion being able to switch from one connection to another in one action would also help for testing purposes, with testing accounts.


You can do that easily using the Integromat DevTool for Chrome. I’ve done exactly what you’re asking about numerous times with no issue. What you need is under the Tools section named “Swap Connection”.


Thanks for the tips.
I gave it a try (well 3 actually) but it didn’t seem to works Or at least not on every module.

Some module were requiring some specific capabilities, which are enabled when switching the account manually in the module. So figuring that, I handled these manually. Unfortunately, even when doing this before, the swap connection tool didn’t actually swap it for the remaining modules
No idea what I did wrong.
I ended up finishing the job manually.

I’ll give it another try next time I need to do this.