How to plant a unique value inside Webhook?

I am trying to create the following automation on

When an item’s deadline within Monday has arrived - send an email to the user assigned as responsible for the item (in the item’s people column) with the name of the task whose deadline has arrived.

At the end of the email I want to add a button called “Done” and when the user clicks on this button a triger will be activated back to the Monday specific board for this specific item that the task has been done and its status will change to “Done” label.

How can I create this button in an email that when clicked will start a sequence of actions (the big challenge is not that the click will start a sequence of actions, but that the click will start a sequence of actions during which the system will recognise which item back in Monday it needs to change by its item_id.

So the real question is how to make this “Done” button so it will not just triger the webhook but also will include the unique item id of the specific item the triggered the email.

Hi @IdoPuter

Sending Email:

To send an email, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a trigger that checks the item deadline in Manday. Once the deadline is reached, it will activate the webhook scenario for sending the email.
  2. Incorporate the following code in the email body to trigger the webhook: <a href="">Done</a>.
  3. Replace YOUR_PULSE_ID with the appropriate webhook pulse ID to ensure it corresponds to the relevant webhook for updating the status.
  4. Upon clicking the “Done” link, the corresponding webhook will be triggered to update the status back.

Additionally, make sure to map the sending of the email directly from the Monday data itself.

Updating Status:

To update the status, use the following steps:

  1. Trigger the webhook using the pulse ID with a custom webhook URL, such as
  2. This webhook will then update the status column in the Monday module.

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That’s was amazing help. Appreciate it.
As you successfully helped me to plant the item ID within the webhook data, do you know if I can plant more details from the item to the webhook address (such as status columns data for example)?

Hi @IdoPuter

It is possible to use like below.
<a href=", Status=YOUR_status">Done</a> .

However, I think is better to use “Monday: get an item” module with the id from webhook. So you can collect all data of the item.

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You are the best. Thanks a lot!!


As you have very detailed answers. would you help me to figure out how to send a webhook at the moment that due date (with hour) arrived at monday item?

The problem is that monday allow you to have an automation that consider the date (when date arrived…) but they don’t do it to the moment the date arrived but rather to specific hour every day.

I am looking for a way to do it without need for activating scenario in every 30 minutes to look for the date column in the specific monday board.

Appreciate your help in advance.
Ido Puter