How to resize an image attached to an Airtable record

Hello Makers, I’m using a form with an Airtable integration to upload user submissions into to Airtable. Submission data includes image attachments, which I’m trying to resize. What I tried doing:

  1. Get the Airtable record.
  2. Use the HTTP get a file module.
  3. Use the Image module to resize the image.
  4. Update a record to upload the image again.

In step 4, Airtable experts an URL to download and attach the file, but step 3’s image module outputs binary data. I would need to upload it again to a third party service and make the url accessible so Airtable can download the file. Is there an easier/better way of doing so?

Based on these AirTable API docs, you are correct. You will need to upload the resized image to a web SFTP folder, AWS S3 folder, etc. before uploading to AirTable via the “Update a Record” module (#22).


Hey @Zbulo

@andyoneil is correct, you will have to upload the file to a file upload service. You could do Google Drive or OneDrive depending on the availability and posting the shared URL inside of the Airtable Update a Record module.


Thanks for both your quick replies @andyoneil and @sArchitect!

I searched through the Airtable forum and found Cloudinary, which appears to be a popular API for cloud media storage and processing with a gracious free tier (to be seen :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m uploading the resource there, use the image transformer resize and crop feature and delete the resource again.

15 days later: Cloudinary rocks, using the transform a resource module with “w_800,q_auto:eco” and output format jpg, I can throw all types of files (even single pag PDFs) at it and it crunches everything into perfectly compressed jpgs. :slight_smile: