How to set up filter for 30d or 31d in month

Hi all,

I am working with an automation, where I would only like triggered if it is 31 days. I am trying to set up the filter, but I do not understand how to do this since the only variables are “now” and “timestamp”. Is there a way to clarify that this automation should trigger ONLY if the month has 31 days – or if the month has > 30 days?

Hi @rambizn,

What you can do is, If you want to run the scenario only on 31st days of the month, what you can do is, Schedule Settings > Days of the Month > Select 31st

If you want to go to the filter route, then you can use the formatDate function and get the current day of the month and simply do if the day of the month > 30,

Screenshot from 2023-07-02 13-55-37