How to start a new paragraph + adding signature in email

Hey! How can I format my text so there is space between each new line I write? Basically whenever I start a new sentence, it would be a new paragraph.

Also while we’re at, anyone know how to add one’s signature via make?

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The Gmail “Send an Email” module sends emails as “HTML” content type. That means, to insert a newline, you’ll need to either use

  • two <br> tags, like this <br><br>, or

  • wrap each line in a paragraph tag:
    <p>this is paragraph one</p><p>this is paragraph two</p>


Hi @Xavier_Caffrey, you can use HTML tags:

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You can set you text here and then copy the html of it and paste on your module.



Gotcha, another quick follow-up for you here. I am going through the same issue when generating an output using claude and then trying to send it via email.

How do I make it so the output of claude is formated where it inserts a new line every time a new sentence starts?

No problem, glad I could help!

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Utilizando las etiquetas html

para los párrafos y
para los saltos de línea

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Using html tags
tags for paragraphs and
for line breaks

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