How to test Instant+ACID Trigger with past data?

Is there anyway to pull in previous answers from an Instant + ACID trigger? I have a very long form in, and would like to use previous responses to guide me in working on my scenario but do not see the option to pull in past data. Is the only way to test it to run it once and while it is running, fill out the form? This does not seem so ideal but was wondering if there is something I am missing?

There is no such direct module for pulling your previous responses. However, you can work with their APIs using the HTTP module in Make as a workaround If the API is available in for required action.

You can learn more about the HTTP module here:

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@bcharg nice to meet you.

I made some tests, and it doesn’t work to send data from HTTP module.

Another option might be to do it this way:
After the Tally module you put a router where on one route you have your scenario and on another route you set a variable to give an error and then all the time the information will remain saved in the queue, and you can keep using it as many times as you want.

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