How to update a parent field when a related child field changes in Survey 123

blueprint (3).json (56.8 KB)

I have a Feature Layer in ArcGIS Online which includes a Point feature, and 3 related tables. One table is an inspections table from the related parent point feature. My goal is to use a make scenario to watch for a Survey123 submission of the inspections survey and using an HTTP Make a request, to update the parent feature point based off the values in my inspections survey. In this scenario, if a user answers “Yes” to the field {In_Compliance} from the inspection survey, I want the HTTP to update the field {Violation_Status} to “Closed”.

I think the difficulty that I am having is I am unable to ping the parent feature of the related record that is being populated from the inspections survey. I do have a Related GlobalID field in the inspections table and I am trying to use that as a unique identifier to ping the parent feature. I am hoping someone can help me with my workflow/syntax.