How to use Slack "Saved Items" as a trigger?

I’m trying to setup my first scenario:
“When I add a message to saved items in Slack, create a new task in Todoist.”

Slack - Saved Item screenshot
Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 10.12.25

ToDoist - Task format

  • Task
    • User
    • Substring of first 100 characters of the message
  • Description
    • Full message
    • Link to the message
  • Priority > 1
  • Deadline > Today

What I did:

  1. I created the connection to Slack and Todoist accounts
  2. Searched for the module Slack - Save an item

Here you see the form I have to enter values … No idea what’s expected here.

Also, In the documentation of the Make app Slack, there is no mention of this trigger.

After a few tries, I tested the task creation step in ToDiost with an existing template. Here, a keyword in the Slack message was used to trigger the scenario.

I really prefer saved items as a trigger, because it’s an easy to use feature on all platforms.

Did anyone else have this problem? ( I tried searching this forum, without luck)
What kind of values are expected in the form?
Does this trigger work?
Who has an example of Saved Items working correctly?


Hi Koen,

Happy to help you with this one!

There’s multiple challenges about this one.

First: What you’re using as a Trigger (“Save an Item”) is not a Trigger, but an Action. You can identify triggers by the little “Acid” or “Instant” tag next to them:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-06 um 11.21.23
Also, you can always check the public make .com Page about the integration, and filter for “Triggers”:

That way, you can find the actual triggers to use.

Sadly, there’s currently no event (In Make) that Slack triggers, when a message is saved.
You can see all the Events here:

What I would recommend:
Define an emoji reaction that, when added to a message, should transfer it to Todoist.
Then I would Use the trigger “New Event” from the Screenshot above, and define the Webhook that you see in this Screenshot:

Afterwards, I would filter by the Emoji that was used, and if it’s your “Task Emoji”, create a new todoist Task.

I hope, this will help!
Please let me know, if you need any more assistance or more details.

Thanks for this detailed explanation!

As I feared, this trigger is not available in Make.
Working with reactions can be an alternative solution indeed.
Unfortunately, one can’t set the preferred reaction in the iOS app … but that’s a Slack problem :slight_smile:

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