How would I use Airtable to trigger a sequence based on the date?

Hi! I am trying to trigger an automation every day that posts a Quote from my Airtable to my Slack, but I can’t figure out how to start the sequence. I am a bit new to Make so I imagine this is a simple automation.

Basically I am looking for something to trigger the sequence that goes like this:
If Date = Now, then retrieve the contents from the row

Could someone help me with how to write the formula to trigger this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Not much experience with such a setup maybe someone in the community has a better approach to this. If I need to set this up, I will do it in either of the following two ways,

  1. In Make, Setup the Search Records Module to list all records using a formula to get records matching today’s date. To do this, What you want to do is write the formula for it the Search Records Module,


For this, In Make, You will need to format the date to match that to Airtable Date Format.


This will be your first module, which will run at a specific time.

  1. You can setup an automation in Airtable itself, that will trigger Make Webhook if it the date is equal. In Make, You will start with webhook module and copy the webhook, which you can use in Airtable to trigger.

Hey, thanks for the guidance. Quick question, how would we do number 2?