HubSpot Engagements module not pushing properties to connected modules


I’m trying to switch over to the new Hubspot modules, and the “Hubspot Engagements” Acid module is not pushing properties to connected modules. (See screenshots).

Other modules seems to be working fine in Hubspot, but this one does not carry properties over.

Anything I can try?

Because the output of the Watch Engagements module is dynamic (it can change based on what Output Properties you select) it’s possible that subsequent modules don’t know what the potential output variables are until you run the module.

Create a new engagement in Hubspot, then try right-clicking on the Watch Engagements module and select “Run once”.

You might then see the properties you’ve selected in the following module (top hint - you need to make sure you’ve saved all the settings in the following module - if you haven’t, it will still be using the old metadata before the “Run once”).

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Thanks for the advice. I think something is broken in the Enagements Module. When right click and choose “Run this module only” I get the following error:

“The operation failed with an error. Function ‘generalResponse’ finished with error! value.forEach is not a function”

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I’m also not seeing the associated properties populate from the watch triggers. For example, watch for updates to “Deals” doesn’t populated the “Associated Company” property any longer.

This seems crucial for switching over. The legacy connection has this.

@Joe_Wolin That definitely doesn’t look right.

Could I ask you to raise a support ticket for that and DM me with the ticket number?

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@Joe_Wolin @aaron It seems our development team are already aware and are working on a fix.

Watch this space …



Any updates here? I’m having trouble with any “watch” module from the new Hubspot CRM connection. Surprised this passed QA :frowning:

I’m having to recreate all the scenarios with the v1 module.

Hello @aaron, a quick update:

Our devs have identified the source of the issue and have created a fix. The fix is currently in the process of being released into production. We’ll let you know here as soon as we learn that all is up and running again.

Thanks a lot for your patience and for your understanding :pray:

Hello @aaron @Joe_Wolin :wave:

I just wanted to give you a quick update that the fixes have been released, and all should be up and running now. Please feel free to test it out and let us know if everything is working fine for you.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding throughout this process. We genuinely appreciate it :pray:

Has any tried this out yet? I’m skerred to go through the work of updating the HS connection again. It takes considerable time to do.