Hubspot "Watch Notification" module is currently broken

When adding the Hubspot Watch Notification module to a scenario, the application return error messages at the webhook creation step.

We are familiar with Oauth and we created a developer account, a custom application, etc.:

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1 – In Make:
• Create a new scenario
• Add “Watch Notifications” from Hubspot module
• Create a Webhook
• Select a verified Connector (filled with valid api key, secret, etc)
• Select Subscriptions
• Click “Save”

And error message is returned (401 – Authentication credentials not found). We double checked and the provided API key, userid, client-id and client-secret is accurate. The hubspot connector is also in “verified” state.

By looking at the response from Make when you click on “Save”, we confirm that Api key and userId dynamic parameters (right hand) are not given to hubspot api endpoint, explaining the 401 error.

We have other webook configured (Ex: monday) and they are working well).

Posting to give visibility to the issue, we’ve spent 3h debbuging this. Support confirmed its a known issue that will be fixed in the next release. I am not sure they really understood our issue and they didnt provide any insight when it would be fixed.

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That’s suck if the issue is on Make end and if what is being relayed regarding the known issue is true then I don’t think we can help you on this.

However, As an alternative way to set this up what you can do is use Make’s Webhook Module to generate an unique Webhook URL, which you can then use in Hubspot to trigger the Make scenario.

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@Runcorn, big thank you for your comment ! We successfully implemented our scenario using a the custom Webhook module, it work #1 !