I have tabs: active, inactive, & 'concepts' - what are 'concepts'?

I can’t find documentaion on this anywhere - i have some after my conversion from integromat.
I want to make sure i understand them before i go ahead and delete them.


I might be wrong so take this with a grain of salt.
But i believe concepts are inactive scenarios that have never been scheduled.

this is my educated guess based off of the majority of my one off data processing scenarios, that i have only ever used without scheduling by clicking the run once button, being categorized as that.

Hi @JugaadiTech thanks a lot. I was thinking that maybe it too, but then i created an inactive scenario, to test that out, and it did not show up there.
Crazy that Make have a whole ‘thing’ that they offer that is not described anywhere in documentation, I don’t know if any of them are on here, and can answer this directly.

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@Pat How I have always “viewed it” is that concepts and inactive scenarios are the same thing for my purpose. it also could be defined by “incomplete builds” e.g. not all variables or connections have been defined that would be required for the scenario to fire properly. :person_shrugging: i know again with my one off runs, i often save them without some of those variables in place, so that I don’t have to clean out old variables if i need to use that scenario again, or modify it for a different purpose.

@Michaela might be able to give us some clarity here.

Heya @Pat welcome to the :make: community and thanks a lot for bringing this up! I totally see how the concept of concepts on Make is confusing.

Scenarios that were initiated at least once but were not saved fall into the “Concepts” tab on Integromat. When replicated on Make, they will fall to the “Inactive Scenarios” tab. I’d say that you upgraded your organization to Make along with its old concepts from Integromat.

@JugaadiTech just like always, thanks a lot for the tag here :purple_heart:

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Thanks @Michaela and @JugaadiTech

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