Make disables scenario: a suggestion

Today a few errors (make platform issues): scenario disabled !
Same with some services (apps) that are temp. not available, errors: disabled !

Real dev. error (logical errors): disabled, fine… that’s normal.

All the rest: PAUSE the scenario (for x min) and use the queue system to rollback and save the input once it fails again (so we do loose the data for a run). The scenario works fine, it does not have errors, service are just not available, so do not disable it !

Rollback is not the same as incomplete… incomplete tries a few times and once the retries are done and all failed: gone.
With roll back it stays in the input queue, will only be gone if the run was succesfull.

This way all stays running if something fails in the middle off the night and once the services are back up all will just continue to run.

Hello @K-Eye_BV :wave:

Thank you very much for raising this issue here in the community.

I just wanted to let you know that this is a known issue and that our dev team is working towards fixing it as soon as they possibly can.

:point_right: You can follow the details on our status page.

I’m really sorry for the trouble this has caused you. Thank you very much for being patient with us :pray:

Your are refering to the status page ! That’s for incidents.

My post is about a structual solution to prevent scenario’s from being disabled.

Hello again @K-Eye_BV :wave:

I see, apologies for the misunderstanding. At first, I thought you were reporting that your scenarios were disabled. We were facing an incident yesterday so - in an effort to assist you - I directed you to our status page so that you could follow the updates.

However, I now understand that you were actually offering a suggestion. Thank you so much for that! Your input is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to also log your feedback into our Idea Exchange. By doing so, other users can upvote your suggestion, and you’ll be able to track its progress.