I need an integration for sender.net

Hello all,

as the topic describes I need to automate tasks with the email marketing platform sender.net.
They have guidelines about their api on their website.
Preffered from EU as I’m located in Greece.

Thank you

Hi @yhs

Can you send us details about your needs at projet@neodelta.eu?
We are located in France :slightly_smiling_face:


I think my needs are quite simple.

I’m currently using a scenario with Facebook ads leads and I send them to google sheets. Then I manually import them in sender.net.

Obviously, I want to automate this task and the leads i get from Facebook (or any other source) to automatically populate a specific group of my Mail lists in sender.net service.

That data would be “first name”, “last name”, (or maybe “full name” depending of the source data), “email” and “phone”, as these are collected from Facebook forms leads ads.

I know that zapier supports sender.net and this scenario, but at the moment I don’t want to change platform.

I hope the above makes sense to you.

Open to cooperation. I can help in customizing the script. Write to me in a private message here or e-mail me at k.shevchenko@gmail.com.