If value found x times than set variable

So I want to pass a value indicating if a call got picked up or not.

The first ways I can think of would be: if minimum amount of time for a call is:
{{if(1.call_duration_seconds + “<60”; “NO_ANSWER”; “COMPLETED”)}}
but that didnt work

The second way is preferable, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it
if 1.call_transcript Contains “Caller:” 3 times (Meaning the caller spoke three different times) with in it then set it to “COMPLETED”

Thanks for your help

Hi @Nate

Please use the ‘get’ and ‘map’ functions to retrieve the value of the caller, and employ an ‘if’ function to determine the necessary value.

Kindly provide your accessible data to understand the data arrangement and specifics, enabling a more in-depth analysis of the issue and to make solution.

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