Inspect scenario configuration


Is there a way to inspect the configuration of a scenario’s modules WITHOUT activating the Edit mode?

It would be great to be able to inspect each module in such a way that you could quickly see ONLY the properties which are configured with value assignments.

In addition to being able to quickly view, retrieve, or report the pertinents without having to scan over every possible field, it is also a somewhat nerve-wracking UX to have to invoke the Edit mode and be mindful of not accidentally changing anything just in order to see how the data assignments are configured.

If there’s a way to inspect only the configured properties of a module, I am all ears :ear: If not, what is the best place to suggest a feature request? :slight_smile:


It hasn’t bothered me personally till now, that Make doesn’t have a read mode.

You can log a feature request here.

@Runcorn thanks for the link.

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