Instagram Business Module - Sending Message Error

I’m trying to post comments on behalf of one of my Instagram business accounts, but am running into an error when it runs through that step.

I get an error. I’ve attached the error to this message. I’m thinking it’s because I don’t have the correct permissions, but I’m not too sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Where did you get the number for the “Media ID” field from? You might need to have that media uploaded in a step before you create the Instagram post.


The media ID is the ID from the post I want to comment on. It’s not an actual media item i’m uploading if that makes sense.

On the Instagram business action, in order to comment on a post, you need that post’s media ID.

It’s possible, then, that the Instagram connection does not have sufficient permissions to comment on that post. Could you shed some light on how you set it up previously?


Yeah, i think it has something to do with the permissions. I just don’t know what permissions I need to have or how to enable those permissions. I was hoping someone could help me with that.

To answer your question: the first steps in the scenarios call an API from APIFY to get Instagram posts that I’d like to comment on. Then the last action is the Instagram action, which isn’t working.

im getting a similar permission error on instagram business module too. ‘(#10) Application does not have permission for this action (10, OAuthException)’

Hopefully someone can help out

Someone please send the Make gods out here to help!

Hi @franciscolora0524

Please reauthorize the module again. I hope it will solve the issue.

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Hey @franciscolora0524 ,

You have to make new connection or you can reauthorize it again , then it can be solved .

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I’ve tried this… and it doesn’t work

I’m having a similar issue here too. I you goto → settings → people; you can see what permissions are setup. I have all permissions setup for my account (same account making the to facebook connection) but it still does not work.

Has any been able to get this to work? Meaning:

  1. watch a public Instagram page for a post
  2. feed the post and caption to ChatGPT
  3. based on the response from the ChatGPT prompt post a comment to the original IG page post.