INSTAGRAM: Adding a comment for a tagged post, how?

Hey Make community.

We are trying to build an automation which leaves a comment on content that we are tagged in on Instagram, the purpose is two sided:

  • Showing appreciation (community building)
  • Asking for permission to use their content

We are fetching data from a Zapier webhook, which forwards:

However we have not cracked the nut for this automation at the moment.

Can anyone help me out?

So you have to -

  1. Get the trigger.
  2. Post the comment.

It seems like you have done the 1st part. You can also try this for that.

Then for the 2nd. You can use this.

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This is Instagram for business model.

Hey Kingevishesh.

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem to be as straight forward when it’s not owned media, but others who tag in their post.

Maybe you can enligthen me a bit :slight_smile: