Instagram for Business: how to extract comments from a post that isn't your own?

Here’s my flow:

What I’ve done is created a variable which contains an array of instagram accounts I want to be investigated. I want it to go through each instagram account and list the public user media from each account. But, the “list public user media” module doesn’t show the comments of the posts, which is what I want to retrieve.

I tried to put the media ID variable into the “list media comments” module, but it resulted in this error.

Thanks for your advice!

You can use an API from RapidAPI, e.g.: Instagram APIs

How to call an API on RapidAPI

Use the HTTP “Make an API Key Auth Request” module.

Create a new keychain connection and insert your RapidAPI API Key.

API Key parameter name: X-RapidAPI-Key

You can reuse this RapidAPI keychain for all API calls to RapidAPI, you’ll just need to change the X-RapidAPI-Host value based on the API you are calling.

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Very helpful! Thank you so much.

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