Instagram Business - Watch events bug?

Hi Everyone!
I’m trying to track Instagram mentions but I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, it’s missing some permissions or if it’s a bug.

I’ve connected the account owner to Make and I’m able to see the right Instagram that I want to track.

I’m also able to select “Mentions”, but when I choose “Show address” nothing happen.

When I tag or mention the account, the webhook is not triggered. I’ve tried mentions, comments but neither, it doesn’t work, it’s like it’s not connected.

Any clues?
I aprecciate your help.

Welcome to the Make community!

  1. Is the scenario turned on?

  2. Do you see this message / are there any queued items in the Webhook queue?


Hi thanks for your answer.
1-Scenario is ON
2-No, there is NO queue.

I think there is a bug, because I can’t see the address when I click on “show address”

If you get it running, does it trigger once?
Because I get it running while a see (my) page, but it triggers in a loop, and do the action several times.

It’s still not working. I’m sure that i make everything good, and trigger does not work. Anyone can fix it?

Welcome to the Make community!

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