Instagram Businnes - Watch Events not working

Hello Community,

I am currently facing an issue with the Instagram Business integration, specifically with a watch event module that’s supposed to trigger on new comments. Despite setting up everything correctly, the module doesn’t seem to be responding to new comments on my posts. I’ve outlined the problem and the steps I’ve already taken below and would greatly appreciate any insights or solutions.

Problem Description:

  • Module: Watch Event (waiting for new comments on Instagram Business)
  • Issue: When I click “run,” the module stays in a waiting state and does not recognize new comments on my Instagram posts.
  • Potential Cause: I suspect there might be an issue with the webhook address, as it doesn’t seem to be showing up or functioning correctly.



Please check if any errors are seen in Webhook logs or any unprocessed entries in Webhook queue, Webhook URL not showing up in UI but being added automatically appears to be the design for some apps. Try making a new comment immediately after clicking on ‘Run Once’ as scenario is looking out for data at that point.

If the above doesn’t work try creating a new Instagram for Business connection.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.