Instant Webhook not being recognized as a trigger

Hello All,

I am reletavely new to Make but have used other platforms in the past, and have taken some of the courses in Make Academy.

To my knowledge, the Instant Webhook module is a “trigger”, however, in my scenario, I have the below error which is preventing me from making any progress.

I am trying to create a relatively simple scenario where Quickbase sends updates to line items on an order via a webhook, and that data is put into airtable, and then to hubspot, which triggers an email. But I cant even see the data coming through, besides what is shown in the logs. The logs show an error, that no scenario is listening. When I toggle to “redetermine data structure” it will show a success, but I never see the data in the scenario, only in the logs.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I am wondering if some things just aren’t working since the rebrand, because I noticed other modules (like UPS Quantum view) are using depreciated authentication methods.

Thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts/comments.

Hi @Blake and welcome!

Are there any other modules in your Scenario?
There should be one with an icon that looks like this on the bottom left of it:

Or like a clock:

Or a lightning bolt:

Whichever it is, and where ever it is, you will need to click and drag it over to your Webhook module.

If you don’t see something like that, I don’t know how the Scenario could have gotten in this condition.


Thank you for your response!

I dont know how my scenario has none of the symbols above, but I just started over with a new one and that seems to have resolved it. I hope it is a one time glitch!