Insufficient permissions to create new select option

I’ve had a scenario working for a while, but all of the sudden, I’m getting an error trying to create records.

The operation failed with an error. [422] Insufficient permissions to create new select option ““XFS778””

I am using the Create Record module. I have removed and recreated the module completely. I made sure that all fields in Airtable have the permissions of Editor and above.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Kuzanagi ,

There is a similar topic here, it may help you.

But it doesn’t explain why it was previously working for you.




this looks incorrectly double-quoted for some reason.

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1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

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3. And most importantly, Output bundles

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With the default Airtable modules it is not possible (anymore) to add new selection options for Single select and Multi select fields. This is to prevent your selection fields being populated with unwanted options.

This is due to the “Typecast” option and might be an issue when creating or updating options.

While we wait for the Airtable app to be updated (vote for this feature request) and get and advanced option to enable typecast, there are two workarounds:

  1. Rebuild your Airtable call using the “Make an API Call” module.
  2. Set the typecast option in the Make module code:
  • Copy the Airtable create/update/upsert module (right click > copy)
  • Paste in a text editor (any application that can edit plain text)
  • Search for the “typecast” option (usually somewhere in the first 20 lines)
  • Change “false” > “true”
  • Select all the code and Copy
  • Paste it back in your scenario to get a copy of the original module with typecast set to true.

I usually put this behind an error handler to do some extra checks before creating the extra option.

P.S. If you see this, please also vote for the option to be added to the Make Airtable app (link above).