Integration Jotform Monday sending an empty field error back

Hello i am integrating Jotform with monday. In jotform i have a date that want to pass on to monday. The only way i have figured is sending to monday:
fieldwiththemonth / fieldoftheday / fieldoftheyear.
It works but if the date comes blank in the form, it is not a compulsary field and can not be, i get an error that is is not a valid date. I have used serveral fórmulas as ifempty o parsedate … but dont find the way to not have the error back of it is not a valid date. Is there a formula that if the value if empty dont send it?

Add a filter to the route between the two modules. You can stop the scenario from proceeding if the date is empty.

And please read the documentation. It will assist you greatly.

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Thanks for you answer Alex. No I do not want to stop the scenario from proceeding, but yes i have had to use routes with filters but that makes me double de integrations as any time there is a blank field in one of my forms, i have to route and if there are three that can come empty it can be a night mare of combinations. I thought the most logical is that if one of the fields i want to complete in my monday table is empty the integration would not send data to that field.
Thank you!

Can you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your make scenario for me, along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your time. The only thing i want to achieve is that when mapping a field how to say to the integration that if the field is blank do not take it in consideration.
We have to update a monday table with info of the users. As you see for example in the image, there is a field we want to update that is email. But if the email comes empty on first hand the integration gives an error. And even if i could avoid it i dont want blank coming to monday because i may already have that field. I know we could have routers but there are many many fields in the jotform form. It would be imposible manage this situation with routers.
I thought there could be a formula to include with the map field that could say if the field is blank do not send data.
Thank you in advance

Make doesn’t really work like this. Every module will attempt to execute with the inputs to that bundle or if there are no inputs it will execute as per its design. The only way to avoid execution of a module is to ensure it doesn’t run via

a) filters on routes
b) if a module errors you can catch that condition and use one of the error handlers to go on a different path.

An error handler is essentially an implicit router that is executed when a module fails to run for some reason and returns an error of some sort.

Did you end up figuring this out?

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