Integromat-connector Wordpress


Form few day, my scenarios with WordPress module failed …

In Make I have only an error a single message "Error Runtime "

I have executed manually the APi rest and the result is ok.

I try to look the module Integromat Connector, and I see that from the 03/08/2022 the module are in maintenance.

It seem in link with the module … but i don’t know.

I try to create a simple Scenario with only a module Wordpress, with Get a Post. And Y have always the error …

I am alone to have some problems with the module wordpress ?

Hope to read you !


And when I try to select type of post I have a “Faile To Load data” …

have you installed any plugins recently on your site?

There are several plugins (specifically ones that bloat custom fields in the database) that cause the integromat integrator to time out.