Issue with Copper Module's "Create Activity" - Missing "Acting User" and Time Customization Options

Hello fellow users,

I’m reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has encountered an issue with the Copper module in, particularly within the “Create Activity” function.

While building scenarios and integrating tools into our CRM, I’ve realized that there are two vital options missing:

  1. “Acting User” Option: This field would allow passing the ID of the Copper user who performed the activity. Right now, all activities are logged as the connected API users, lacking the ability to differentiate between individual user actions. Here’s the relevant API documentation for reference.
  2. Time Customization Option: The current implementation always sets the time of the activity to the current moment, with no option to choose a different time.

Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, have you found an alternative solution or workaround that you can share? These features are essential for my current project, and I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance from others who may have faced similar challenges.

PS: Zapier does have those fields available for the users. See the following screenshot attached:

I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences and solutions, and I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Best regards,

Hello Team and Community,

I noticed that Copper was mentioned in the latest changelog, but I’m disappointed to find that two critical features are still missing from the “Create Activity” module.

I’ve previously sent two support requests and even started a community post about this, but unfortunately, I haven’t received any response.

  1. “Acting User” Option: This is crucial for us to pass the ID of the Copper user who performed the activity. All activities are currently logged as the connected API users, which is causing issues in our workflows. API documentation for reference.
  2. Time Customization Option: Right now, activities are automatically time-stamped with the current moment. We need the ability to set custom times for these activities.

I understand that everyone is busy, but these features are essential for our operations, and the lack of communication is causing delays on our end.

Is there a timeline for these features to be added? Or could we get access to the raw API calls to implement these changes ourselves?

Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated, as we are in a bit of a bind without these features.

Hello again Team and Community,

I appreciate the engagement on my previous post, and I wanted to bring another missing feature to light. This time it pertains to the “Create Task” action module within the Copper integration on

Missing “Related_Resource” Option in “Create Task” Action Module

The Copper API allows for a “related_resource” field, which enables tasks to be linked to a specific resource (like an Opportunity, Person, or Project). This is a key feature that we would like to use for better contextual linking within our CRM. Unfortunately, this option is not currently available in’s “Create Task” action module. Here’s the API reference for this field.

Adding this option would significantly improve the usability of the Copper integration, and it pairs well with my earlier requests for enhancements in the “Create Activity” module.

To reiterate, these are the features we urgently need:

  1. “Acting User” Option in “Create Activity” module (API documentation)
  2. Time Customization Option in “Create Activity” module
  3. “Related_Resource” Option in “Create Task” module (API documentation)

I have already sent two support requests and received no replies. I’m beginning to feel a bit desperate as these are crucial features for our ongoing projects. Is there any timeline or workaround for these features to be implemented?

Your prompt attention to these matters would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Hello @jkaya, we appreciate you bringing this thread to our attention over here :pray:
(Just a quick note: we’ve merged your comment with this topic to help keep our forum organized.)

Additionally, thank you for highlighting the missing features. I’d like to let you know that you have the option to log your feature requests in our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange By doing so, you allow others to vote for your ideas, and you can easily track the progress of your feature requests.

It’s possible that someone may have already raised this issue, so you can upvote it to give it more visibility. If you can’t find this particular topic on the board, please don’t hesitate to log it in.

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Hi Michaela

there is indeed This Improvement Suggestion but it seems like there hasn’t been anything improved since one year. I voted and extended the request with a comment. Let’s hope this gets some consideration, as I assume it’s not a very complex task for the Devs to extend.

Hello again Jakob.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve already logged your suggestion into our Idea Exchange. I completely understand that waiting for these improvements can be frustrating, but it’s important to keep in mind that due to the number of integrations Make offers, our development team must prioritize their efforts.

However, please know that your input is valuable to us :pray:

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