Pipedrive issues assigning a user when creating an activity

Hello everyone,

I would like to create an automation in Pipedrive.

Everyday at 10pm, I want to get all the deals located in the stage “To be contact”. If those deal have no calls planned, I want to automatically create a call activity and assign it to user in charge of this deal.

I tried it by using the module “List deal in a particular stage” and the module “Create an activity”. No matter what I put in the user ID field in the “Create activity” module, the call back activity is always assigned to the owner of the deal and not user. That means that the call reminder appears in the wrong agenda. I guess I must be doing something wrong.

When I want to add the user ID field, it seems empty, does that mean it does not exist ?

Is there anyone who could help me please ?


Hi @Guillaume ,

Click on Map beside the User in the List Deals in a Stage then check the response.