Issues with "Watch LinkedIn Form Response" Trigger in Make

Hello Make Community,

I’ve been encountering a persistent issue with the “Watch LinkedIn Form Responses” trigger in Make and was hoping someone here might have faced a similar problem and could offer some guidance.

I’m trying to send test leads to Make automation from a LinkedIn lead form. However, the trigger doesn’t seem to recognize the lead. I’ve already renewed both the webhook and the LinkedIn connection to ensure they’re not the root of the problem. Interestingly, there was one instance where the trigger seemed to work, but it resulted in an error message: “Missing value of required parameter ‘IMTCONN’.”

Steps taken:

  1. Verified that the LinkedIn account connected to Make is the correct one.
  2. Checked permissions granted to Make during the LinkedIn connection process.
  3. Ensured the webhook URL provided by Make is correctly added to LinkedIn.
  4. Made sure the webhook is set to trigger upon receiving a new lead from the Lead Gen Form.

Despite these steps, the issue persists.

Has anyone else faced this problem or have any insights on how to resolve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time.

Best regards,

Hi there,

This issue generally happens when you have not selected the connection in the module.

Can you cross-check that?

Thanks !