Iterate over search from bubble

Hi, im writing for help on solving a problem i could not solve after reading lots and lots of community posts.
In my scenario, i have a module where im looking for things in bubble, this outputs a number of bundles. I then want to iterate over all those bundles and perform tasks with properties of each bundle (with properties of the things coming from bubble). The problem is that i could not find any way in which i can add the result of the search module as an input for the iterator. I tried aggregating and the iterating but no solution neither.
This when trying to set the input data for the iterator:

Thanks in advance for every help!

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Looks like the bubble module is already outputting the bundles like an iterator.

I would say ditch your iterator and add a bubble “GET Item” module with the “ID” variable from this Bubble trigger [4], to get more details about each item.



Hi samliew! Thank you for your response.
I understand you are suggesting that the way the search brings each item, the next step will work like it is after an iterator?
Regarding getting a data thing: now if i check log history of the scenario, the data has already been fetched (not only the id of the things), should i still make another call to bubble to look for the things by their id? On the image below it can be seen how all the data is fetched on the “do a search for” module.

If you are getting data by search module then no need to add a data thing module.

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Is this also from module [4]? Then you don’t need the Get Item module. Just map this to where you want the data to go.


Hi, wanted to say that i solved it by running the scenario once (“run once”) and this way i can access in each module to the values of that last run. This way i entered the values that didnt appear on the diagram when editing.
Writing this if someone has the same or a similar misunderstanding. Thanks to all who helped!


This is a common error beginners make – you can run just one module to “prime” the scenario too. Just right click on it and select “run this module only” - now if the module needs inputs it will ask for them (say a search module) and you can fill out the small form that comes out to run just that one module. But if your module has all the data already in the module configuration it will just run (say an HTTP module). Happy automating!


Oh, running that module only is a better solution, thanks! Didnt know that neither


Hi @Seo_Sur :wave:

I just want to say it’s great to hear that you managed to solve this with the “run once” option. :clap:

Thanks a lot for stepping back into the thread an letting us know what did the trick for you. :pray:

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