MailHook query around HTML/TEXT Content

Hi Community!

I’m testing Make and the MailHook functionality on the free version at the moment while testing suitability of Make for our customers.

I am using the WebHook to receive an email and based on the subject line in the received email, we’re going to save the email as a note against contacts in CRM. The subject line contains the unique customer ID and we look this up in CRM and then insert the email body as a note.

However, I’m not sure how to map the elements as I’m seeing some emails are multi-part (ie there is text content and html content). And I am inserting the content into a plain text field in CRM. Some emails only contain html content with no text content.

I’ve tried using the Striphtml() but then, for text only emails, the content loses the line feeds and all the text is one one line.

If I don’t striphtml there is just too much noise the content cannot be read easily.

Is there a way (on the free version) to check if the text element contains content and if so use that otherwise use the striphtml option without having to duplicate the tree and setting up a filter on the first element after the webhook?



Actually I think I worked it out using an ifempty function.


Hey there @crm_automator :wave:

Wow! I am impressed by the fact you were able to crack this by yourself!

Thank you very much for sharing your solution with us. This way we are keeping our community organized and neat. :broom:

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