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Hello Everyone - I’m hoping someone could help/point us in the right direction!

We recently took on as our PM/CRM/Just about everything solution for our NFP organization.

Currently, our CRM and donor management runs through Network For Good (N4G) and must be kept in parallel to for at least 12 months - we need to export the donor profiles/data from N4G daily and import them into in order to give reports and oversight to our C-Suite, who previously have not had direct access through N4G. Importing the data is fine, however, in N4G each donor has a profile with all their donation history - when you export this as an excel it produces every single donation as a separate line and therefore a new item within

Within, we’ve had to create a board per letter (A-Z) so we don’t hit the max items.

We can’t turn all the donations into subitems under the original donation as that then limits reporting etc. but we do need to capture each individual’s donations as a whole so at a glance can say well Mr. Smith has donated $5K over his ‘lifetime’ with our organization and this is comprised of X donations on X date.

We were working with developers to create our Monday workflows and they can’t seem to suggest anything, other than making subitems or overwriting the last entry (which we absolutely cannot do) - I asked if Make could offer some solution and they said they weren’t sure it could - but didn’t feel like they were going to look into it any further.

A lot pins on donor management working in as a fundamental part of our work

Apologies for the long message - hopefully someone has some suggestions we could look at trying to resolve this?

@Sinead_Waugh :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning, so I’m not able to provide a solution to your issue. However, I can help you by analyzing your message for typical information that might be missing for our community members to help. Can you provide more details about the data you are trying to export from N4G and how you are importing it into Additionally, can you provide more information about the board you have created in and how you are using it to capture each individual’s donations?

Please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community can help.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Make can help you manage and update the donation data the way you want. The ideal option is to go with an items or sub-items structure. However, if you have any other thoughts then that can also be implemented using Make.

Also, you may not have to create multiple boards by A-Z because the Monday board supports 10k items in each board.


Hi Manish, Thank you so much for replying - that is indeed comforting to know that Make can assist us with getting the data in and manipulating it to the structure we need. We are re-evaluating this structure now but can’t have all on one board as we have just over 81,000 contacts with some level of donation history (we create profiles to thank people for any level of donation - $1 - $1,000,000+)

I will start researching and learning what can do for us with this - appreciate your comment a lot