Managing attendees in an Outlook event

Hi everyone,

I have a simple workflow aiming to add new attendees to an event.
Here’s how it works:

  • Watch Microsoft 365 events by updated time
  • Search rows in a Google Sheet
  • Update event with attendees found in the Google Sheets.

It works if the workflow runs only once. On the second time, it will keep the new attendee, but removes the original one. No change has been done to the event outside of See screenshots below:

Workflow general overview

First run
Berlioz App as event host, Demo Example as original attendee. The workflow adds Ariane B. as new attendee. Everything works fine.
NB: After the workflow, Berlioz App is added as an attendee whereas it was the host, but it’s no problem for me.

Second run lists the attendees fine in the first module, but inexplicably removes Demo Example during the last module.
Module 1:

Module 3 input:

Module 3 output:

Any help ? Thanks !

Hi everyone,

If anyone meets the same issue: i could not solve it and had to find a workaround.

Here’s how I process: I include the names of attendees in the event body (not with, then I have to copy the event body content on a gSheet. From there, I extract the names of the attendees with a formula in new fields. Then I have adding these fields as attendees.

Hello :blob_wave:,

You might try to update the attendee list dynamically by creating an array of attendees in the requested data structure and then merging it with the original list of attendees from the Watch module.

I believe the above flow should solve your issue.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: