Adding new attendees to an existing Microsoft 365 event

Hello Make Community,

I created a workflow to add attendees to an existing Microsoft 365 meeting.
My meeting have the following list of attendees:

  • Original Organizer (OO)
  • Original Attendee (OA)
  • New Attendee (NA)

It works, but the Original Attendee can only see the Original Organizer, and not the New Attendee. It’s as if the event has been updated only in the Original Organizer calendar.

The Original Organizer and the New Attendee, them, can see the list of all the attendees and their answers (accepted or declined).

Any idea how to update the event for ALL calendars (Original Organizer and Original Attendee) ?

Here’s my workflow:
Module 1: Microsoft 365 Watch Events, by Updated time.
Filter: Start time: date time later than now
Module 2: Google Sheets Search Rows
Filter: Event Subject contains Name (A)
Module 3: Microsoft 365 Update an Event
My Microsoft Connexion: Original organizer

  • Original organizer (email address & Name), from Microsoft 365
  • Original attendee (email address & Name), from Microsoft 365
  • New attendee (email address (C) & Name (A)), from Google Sheet

NB: when I run the workflow, the event is well updated with the 3 attendees.

Thanks for your help,

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Are you setting “Response Required” to Yes on the Update Event module? You should have it set to Yes. The attendee accepting or rejecting the invite should trigger an update for all attendees and the organizer.

Adding new attendees does not trigger a full update of the event on 365, that only occurs if a major change happens like the meeting is rescheduled, location changed etc. So people viewing the event after a new attendee is added might see a cached version. But a new attendee invite status event should trigger a local refresh for each attendee, old or new.

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

Indeed if attendees reject or accept the invitation, this triggers the update for everyone.
I just wish I did not need that trigger to have a local refresh, but at least I know now.

I’ll let this as unsolved just in case anyone knows a trick for that local refresh to happen immediately.