Map to and edit from template newly created dropbox files

I am creating a new dropbox folder based on client information from an airtable DB.

I’m wondering if I can open the Microsoft Word template from the newly created folder (which contains the Word Template) to edit. Blueprint below. Here is what I’m doing:

Initial set up. Webhook and retrieval from Airtable works fine.

Use client name to create new folder.

I would like to point back to the newly created folder.

Apologies if this is very simple I’m a newbie and appreciate the community and the help!

blueprint (3).json (221.1 KB)

You should add to the scenario one more time the Dropbox “Copy a File/Folder” module to add to the newly created folder the Template file. Then you will be able to map this Template to the file path field in the “Download a File” module. You will map there the “path_display” value.