Mapping values from other modules

I have created first scenario between Wpforms and coreBOS but don’t know how to send values from first to second app

Hey @gbigot ,

You can map values from one module in the other by clicking in a field where you need this value.
Then in the popup which opens on the right, select the field you would like to use.

Hope this helps you!

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Hey Bjorn,

Thank you for your reply. I better understand now but,
in one module I can select fields (coreBOS) but not in the other one (WPForms via a webhook)

Do you know how to catch the values from WPForm webhook to coreBOS CRM ?

Kind regards

@gbigot The Make scenario doesn’t understand yet what kind of data might come in from the webhook, because this can always be different depending on the form.
Manually run the scenario once and fill out the form so you get data within the scenario. Afterwards you will be able to map variables


Ok, but where I get the data (in logs ?) and how I map fields when I would have these data ?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge but my first Make training is scheduled on 14th of november

You can find that in the logs of the scenario when you run it.
If you need some more help, feel free to let me know.

How much is it for half an one hour training for example ?
I hope it would be enough to understand how to do this mapping.

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