Mappings An Iauditor Form

Hi im trying to reference a question result from an audit form, i can see it picks up the result i want but im unable to map it from the drag and drop menu, is there another way.

I tried to put an iterator in there to see if that would help.

The result im trying to pull is 100, from the text of bundle 25, but as said, i cant map using the drag and drop feature. any help would be appreicated.

You can use first and map function for this,

{{map(15.items; “responses.text”; “item_id”; “YOUR_DESIRED_ITEM_VALUE”)}}

For eg,


Basically, What it does is Filter the Array that you are getting from iAuditor and then fetch specific item text matching the Item ID.

Screenshot from 2023-07-03 22-29-44

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Thank you, i think im getting confused with the YOUR_DESIRED_ITEM_VALUE, im not sure what i should be typing here. the item value will always returns a number

Yeah, It will be the Item ID that you want to get the value from, So, If you want to get the Length of the New Duct Required, you need to first grab the Item ID from there, Or, instead of item_id on the map function you can use label and use Length of New Duct Required.

first(map(items;responses.text;label;Length of New Duct Required))

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That didnt return anything

I know its going to be something really stupid im doing, if i just use the map without first i can see what im trying to get so obviously its just the syntax im getting wrong


In the second,screenshot you shared, try using semicolon, item_id and see what it results in.


replace id with the duct tape id that you have in the screenshot.


That was exactly it. thank you so much for that!!!