Maximum Repeats Exceeded - Instagram Post

I am trying to post a video on instagram - connections are all correct, but it keeps encountering an ‘error’ for ‘maximum Repeats Exceeded’. Does anyone have any suggestions? The video size is 140mb

I have been trying to fix this - now I have a different issue - it is processing as a success - but it’s not posting and output is ‘error’?

Not that familiar with Instagram App in Make but it could be due to the following,

  1. Permissible Size in Instagram for a post. Which is likely not the case that you are facing.
  2. Permissible Size in Make itself, there is a filesize limit in based on your current plan which you can check here.
  3. for this error, Maximum Repeats Exceeded I believe it is due to the execution time that was taken for that module. I think Make has a limit of 5 minutes and throws this error if it takes too long to execute.

For the update that you have posted, Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are using Error Handler, right? If you are using that then it won’t throw or show up as an error.

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Hi, thanks for your help #1 is okay as far as I am aware - it’s a reasonable size, #2 I have sufficient subscription.

there is no error handler on the second screen shot - it’s the same set up - it’s simply saying ‘successful’ posting but output is error and no post is actually posted.

Not sure what is causing it, Seems like the Instagram side of the error and the error code that you are receiving is too generic to debug what exactly is the error. Did you try reaching out Make Customer Support team regarding this?

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Yeah agreed, I found the facebook post.

No I haven’t yet, my experience with customer service is normally 'wait 3 days for response which ends up being “looks like an error, are you experiencing difficulties?”… :sob:

So I was trying a different approach of community. Thanks for your assistance - really appreciate it

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