Microsoft 365 (M365) Email to AirTable incl attachments

Hi - new to Make and trying to create an AirTable record from an M365 email incl any attachments…

AirTable seems to want attachments passed as an array containing the Filename and File URL (found this by connecting the Aggregator module to the AirTable Create Record module and examining the Target record Structure)…

The email attachments don’t seem to be exposed by the M365 Watch Messages module, so I added a M365 Email List Attachments module, which exposes the attachments as a bundle, but no URL or filename. The M365 Email Download Attachments module exposes a filename but no URL…so I seem to be stuck…?

Is there a way of using the Custom Target Record Structure option on the Array Aggregator to create an array that AirTable will accept…?

Any ideas appreciated…seems like there must be more than just me who wants to be able to process email attachments on M365, but I can’t find anything obvious and I’ve spent quite a lot of hours looking so far!!

Thanks in advance, Nick