Missing value of required parameter '__IMTCONN__'

I am new with Make and tried running the scenario I created once for testing. The webhook module is getting the data I am passing from SF but for some reason after passing through the data I get this error:

I can’t seem to identify the reason of the error from the error message. Here is the data I am passing:

To the Xero module to search if the Contact is existing or not:

Any help would be awesome!


Good morning,

could you please send a screenshot of the entire scenario?

The error means that one of the modules is missing a required parameter. IMTCONN is usually the connection parameter, in most cases this means you haven’t selected a Connection in one of the modules.


Hi Stoyan,

Thanks for the help! I was able to determine which module I missed a required parameter in. I got another error but was able to resolve it.

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