Mocking OAuth2 Server with Make

Hey @dominikkadera,

I just stumbled across an older but rather intriguing Medium article you authored that really got my attention:

Testing Integromat Using Integromat? How We Built An OAuth2 Server Using Only A Few Scenarios.

Has this article possibly been turned into a tutorial or template that we can use to experiment with mocking our own OAuth2 servers?

The scenarios in the article appeared to be fairly complex and I would like to avoid recreating everything from scratch.

Can you or someone else on the Make team help me get started?

Hey @BrownMarkT,

sadly, we haven’t turned that use case into Templates yet, as it’s a set couple of scenarios, which also require a couple of Data Stores to be configured and so on, so I was a little bit too complex to be published as Templates – the setup would not be that straight forward.

I’ll forward this one internally, it could be a great topic for some webinar or workshop, where we could deeper into the Scenarios.